2020 Life Logs, Day 256: Day of Rest
Date: Sunday, September 13, 2020
Weather: Sunny AM, Partly Sunny PM; High 70, Low 64 Degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, Falmouth, MA

This was a laid-back Sunday, a day of rest as it should be. The Goldstones were going to the beach in the afternoon, so I took advantage of their absence and went over to do my laundry. I took Shadow with me and then brought him home and returned for dinner on the deck. We had a special sushi dinner in honor of Granddad.

This is the last week before school, whatever that is going to look like, begins next Monday. The boys have a list of things they really want to do before summer’s end, so we will spend our week and next weekend doing those things. Heather and Jed are planning to spend next weekend installing the wood flooring in Jonah and Ollie’s bedroom. Our favorite contractor is coming on Wednesday and Thursday to do the walls, and then Heather and Jed do the floor on the weekend. Hopefully by sometime in the first week of school, they will be moved into their new bedroom . . . finally. Since moving to the new house in April, they have been sleeping in the bonus room over the garage and they love it. But it needs to become the main office/school space for this year. They hate to give it us, but I know they will enjoy having their own bedroom. So the push is on this week to get things ready for the new school year, a year like none other!

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