2020 Life Logs, Day 252: No Phone
Date: Wednesday, September 9, 2020
Weather: Overcast; High 76, Low 67 Degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, Falmouth, MA

It was a great day other than the fact that I found out that I have to buy a new phone. I honestly don’t remember if I bought my current phone last year or the year before, but whichever, I certainly didn’t expect to be replacing it this quickly. Earlier in the summer, I dropped it and had the screen replaced. That cost more than $250 and I should never have done it. I should have bought a new phone. I love hindsight. But yesterday the screen went blank and today the Cell Fone Fixer took a look and said the screen was dead. The phone is fine, but if you can’t see the screen, it does me no good. So hopefully either tomorrow or Friday I will get a new phone. In the meantime, I can’t believe how much I miss my phone. No way to call anyone, no texts, no phone camera, no easy check on the weather, no Googling facts while out and about. Ugh!

My afternoon with the Goldpebbles was so much fun. All three boys went to the skatepark today and all three had a great time. One of Jonah’s best friends, Noah, was there, and that was especially fun for him. After and hour and a half there, we left and went to Walmart. I needed Sam to go in with me to check out new phones. He has a Google Pixel and did a lot of research before choosing that one. So, I wanted him to help me look. After I got my short mini-course in phone choices from Sam, we went to the Subway in Walmart and bought sandwiches for lunch.
Then we headed to my house to spend the rest of the afternoon in the water. The Rubber Dockie was definitely a great purchase. The boys had a great time trying to throw one another off the mat. As I watched, it looked a little like water wrestling with lots of squeals and laughter. Today they took a heavy chain that I put in a net bag out with them to anchor the kayak. It worked great to keep the kayak anchored, but the rope was too short and caused the kayak to capsize easily. So, when they returned, Ollie pulled Sam in a kayak full of water, Sam paddled, and Jonah helped pull the Rubber Dockie behind the kayak, kicking as hard as he could. They looked like a well-oiled machine moving through the water. So much fun.

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