2020 Life Logs, Day 245: Tomato Time . . . Again
Date: Wednesday, September 2, 2020
Weather: Overcast with Rain; High 72, Low 70 Degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, Falmouth, MA

Once again, as I got up this morning I heard the ding on my phone telling me I had just received an email. It was from Carrie at Peach Tree Farm telling me she had 60 or 70 pounds of organic sauce tomatoes. Did I want them? Just yesterday, I delivered the 38 pints of marinara sauce that I canned last week to Heather and Jed’s and I really thought I never wanted to see a tomato again. But I couldn’t resist Carrie’s offer. I did have the good sense, however, to tell her I only half of what she had. Processing 30 pounds is a LOT EASIER than 90! I told Carrie I would pick up the tomatoes at 2 pm. In the meantime, I had a dentist appointment. a chiropractor appointment, and an appointment with Shadow to take a walk. The dentist appointment was to check out a tooth. In June, I was eating blackberries when something felt funny in my mouth. For weeks, I kept having this weird feeling and it felt like I had lost a chunk of one of my lower molars. But I convinced myself that I was imagining this. Who chips a tooth while eating berries? But sometime in August, I realized that I needed to have this checked out. Sure enough, the molar was chipped. I assumed I would have to make an appointment to return to have it fixed. But, no. The dentist was going to do it in the here and now. I had to have a crown put on a tooth sometime in the 1990’s. Other than that, I have not had dental work done since I was pregnant with Heather. That was one filling. And before that, it was when I was a kid. I hate dentists. It scares me to death to think about having a tooth pulled or drilled. When I was in second grade, I kicked a dentist in the groin as he approached me to pull a baby tooth. That just didn’t happen. I had to go to another dentist and be put to sleep to remove that tooth. So, today I really had to conjure up all my strength to tell the dentist to proceed. It wasn’t terrible, but I stilI really, really don’t like the sound of a drill in my mouth.

There is a full moon out there somewhere tonight, but it is so totally overcast here that it can’t be seen. Maybe I’ll get a glimpse tomorrow night as the clouds are supposed to start clearing during the afternoon. I sure hope so as the Baranowskis and I are hosting Dining-in Group tomorrow evening–outside, properly distanced, and with masks when needed. Looking forward to that.

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