2020 Life Logs, Day 238: RNC, Night 3
Date: Wednesday, August 26, 2020
Weather: Sunny and Cooler; High 73, Low 55 Degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, Falmouth, MA

Today I had a great visit with my nieces, Lynn and Candi. It was a two hour drive north to Chelmsford, Massachusetts and a three hour drive during rush hour home, but it was worth it. Lynn looks amazing good despite what she has been through in the past few weeks. We had a picnic lunch in a gazebo on the grounds of Lynn’s apartment complex and then I took Lynn to a local AT&T store to get the data from her iPhone synched with her new iPad. She handled all of that just fine, but when she walks, she really needs to have her oxygen with her. However, the tank she has is so big and unwieldy.



There are small, compact portable oxygen concentrators that weigh only 2 pounds and I think she deserves to have one of those. They are expensive and I’m not sure they are covered by insurance, but if it were me, I’d definitely want one of those. I will plan to visit her every week or so this fall if she is up to having visitors. I think the visits will depend on how she handles the chemotherapy. I did get to meet her new little kitty named Susie. What a cutie and such wonderful company for Lynn.

There is so much happening in this country tonight that it was hard for me to really pay attention President Pence did mention that all of us are thinking of the people in the path of Hurricane Laura and he did acknowledge the devastation to those who have lost family members to the coronavirus. But many of his claims about the national leadership during the virus were just not true. And I think his argument that Joe Biden presided over the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression was a weak one. When I see the graphs that show the steady, yes slow, but steady, rise in the economy over the 8 years that Obama-Biden were in office, and how that upward movement simply continued under Trump, I think that rise is quite amazing. The law and order part of Pence’s speech made me cringe. The situation in Kenosha, Wisconsin right now, the Milwaukee Bucks canceling their playoff game tonight in protest which caused a domino effect of other teams cancelling their games—none of this was mentioned. I think maybe the Republicans highlighted the wrong heroes.

After watching from afar as Hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico in September of 2017, and then not knowing for four days if Justin family were okay, I’ll never be able to keep my heart from aching as I wait to hear how another hurricane has affected the lives of people. Hurricane Laura is due to make landfall on the Louisiana side of the Louisiana – Texas border between 1 and 2 am. The only good news is that this hurricane is making landfall in an area that is not highly populated. But for the people that do live there, it will be devastating. We can all only hope the storm surge does not live up to the projections. It all depends on exactly where it makes landfall. I’m hoping to wake up in the morning to hear a best case scenario. Even best case will be devastating, but better than the worst case.

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