2020 Life Logs, Day 237: RNC, Night 2
Date: Tuesday, August 25, 2020
Weather: Mostly Sunny; High 83, Low 59 Degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, Falmouth, MA

I’m tired. Tired of tomatoes, tired of hearing people at the Republican National Convention drone on and on about how dangerous they perceive Joe Biden to be, tired of hearing them label anyone not supporting Donald Trump as a socialist, and tired of seeing a President abusing his power by using the White House, the People’s House, as a backdrop for political campaign. Never mind that the Hatch Act makes it illegal, it just seems wrong. And then there was the Secretary of State addressing us in a political speech from a rooftop in Jerusalem. No wonder I’m tired! At least Melania Trump acknowledged the deaths we have experienced in this country from the coronavirus pandemic. As far as I know, the President has never acknowledged this. But enough about that.

Sixty pounds of tomatoes have resulted in 25 pints of marinara sauce. The other the 30 pounds have been blanched, peeled, and deseeded, and await processing in the refrigerator. I’ll work a bit on that tomorrow, but I leave here around 10:30 in the morning to head north to Chelmsford to visit with my nieces, Candi and Lynn. I have not mentioned in my logs that Lynn has, just in the past few weeks, been diagnosed with advanced cancers. She actually has two different cancers which have metastasized. She had three weeks of chemo and then had to be hospitalized due to fluid in her left lung. She got home last week and will start chemo again on Thursday of this week. So, I really wanted to visit with her before that and tomorrow suited all of us best. I am picking up lunch and we will eat and visit outside her apartment building, keeping our social distance. It breaks my heart to think about Lynn’s situation. When Mark was going through his battle with cancer, I was always there to help him. I said at the time that I really didn’t know how people who live alone negotiate the whole cancer treatment regime. But Lynn insists on staying alone in her apartment. Her sister Candi and one brother, Brad, live close by and check on her constantly. It is wonderful that she has the support, but it is just not the same as having someone with you all the time to anticipate your needs. But Lynn is determined. I can only admire her determination.

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