2020 Life Logs, Day 230: D20, Night 3
Date: Wednesday, August 19, 2020
Weather: Partly Cloudy; High 76, Low 60 F Degrees
Location: At Home in The Cottage, Falmouth, MA

This has been a strange week. Normal life has been disrupted due to Jed’s symptoms of what we do not know—but that we learned a little more about today. That, plus the fact that today was the official roll-out of the rebranding of Woods Hole Research Center to Woodwell Climate Research Center—the project that has consumed all of Heather’s time for months–made today a turning point. Heather called early this morning saying that the rash on Jed’s stomach was looking more and more like the bull’s eye that accompanies a deer tick bite that results in Lyme Disease. Not good, but better than Covid, if caught early. Jed had a late afternoon video appointment with his physician who agreed with that assessment and started him on Doxycycline, just in case. We still have to wait for the results of his Covid test, but with social distancing and masks, I joined the Goldstones on their deck tonight for a sushi dinner celebrating Heather’s accomplishments. The heavy burden on Heather’s shoulders was certainly lighter tonight. So congratulations to her for a job well done. Jed joined us from a distance and seemed to be feeling okay with the use of Advil. If his temperature goes down after starting the Doxycycline tonight, that will be a indication that the problem has been a tick bite. But it can take longer than 12 hours to take effect, so we will just have to muddle through until the Covid test results return. Still, it was a hopeful day.

Then came night three of the Democratic National Convention tonight. I literally broke down and cried like a baby when I heard Barack Obama say “Don’t let them take away your democracy.” I’ve never heard him speak as he did tonight. This was not a political speech, but rather an earnest warning to the citizens of this country that we could be on the brink of losing our democracy. He was followed by Kamala Harris where she shared the story of her life. I have been amazed at how the DNC has crafted a virtual convention that has definitely kept my attention for three straight nights. They have truly show-cased the depth and breadth of the people of this country while moving forward the Biden-Harris ticket. Looking forward to night number four.

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