2020 Life Logs, Day 207: I Love It Hot
Date: Sunday, July 26, 2020
Weather: Another Gorgeous Summer Day; High 88, Low 73 Degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

When the thermometer on Cape Cod goes into 80’s during the summer, I am in my glory. I love it hot. Today was another one of those days, but because it was a weekend day, I had planned to do more chores around the house instead of getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather. I started taking down the shelves I put up in my living room for starting plants in the spring, but about that time, I got a call from Heather giving me an update on what they have been doing this weekend and inviting me to dinner tonight. They went to Martha’s Vineyard to visit friends yesterday and when they got home last evening they watched Hamilton on the Disney Channel. Today both Heather and Jed were working on projects around the house. When Heather called she had just finished sanding and putting a primer coat on the upstairs bathroom. Jed had to go the hardware store and the boys convinced him to drop them off at the skatepark. The new trick scooters for Jonah and Ollie arrived yesterday and they were very anxious to try them out. I used that excuse to stop working on my project and head to the skatepark to watch them break in those new scooters. Long story short, I ended up staying at the skatepark for the remainder of the afternoon as the boys showed off their new skills on the scooters and their skateboards. And they took a break to play some soccer on the adjacent fields. Heather joined us for a while, but I convinced her to go back home as I was enjoying watching the boys while reading my book. It was 5 o’clock when left the skateboard park, we headed to Smitty’s to get chocolate frappes even though it was almost time for dinner. What the rest of the world calls a milkshake is called a frappe in New England and the idea of cold ice cream drink sounded like the perfect way to end a hot afternoon.


While waiting for the frappes, Ollie took some great photos of a blue dragon fly with the craziest green eyes. Once we had the frappes, I somehow managed to drop mine and spill half of it. But they are so big that it was probably best for my health that I didn’t drink the whole thing. But the spill prompted Jonah to share some of his frappe with me and then Ollie shared some of his with Sam. Next time, we’ll buy only two frappes for the four of us and share. We went to my house to pick up Shadow and then headed to Grasmere for dinner. But first the boys put a harness on Shadow and went for a run around the neighborhood on their skateboards. Shadow loves it, but he is a tired puppy tonight. For dinner we had clams that the Goldpebbles brought back from a clamming outing on Martha’s Vineyard yesterday. Ollie wanted to see if Shadow would eat clams and we discovered that he LOVES clams as much as he loves pulling Sam on his skateboard.

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