2020 Life Logs, Day 205: The Joy of Grandchildren
Date: Friday, July 24, 2020
Weather: Partly Cloudy; High 80, Low 66 Degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Today was supposed to be a day off for Camp Oma as Heather and family had planned a vacation day on Martha’s Vineyard. But the weather was not perfect, so this morning that trip was put off until tomorrow. I stayed home during the morning, but just before 1 PM I called Heather to ask if they had eaten lunch. The answer was no, so I offered to deliver lunch from Subway. Yesterday Sam mentioned that he hadn’t had Subway for months, so we did it today. Sam was especially grateful and the smile on his face was a great big thank you to me. Jonah was just as grateful, not for the sub, but for the chocolate chip cookie I got for everyone. Jonah definitely has a sweet tooth and is absolutely sure that chocolate is a food group.

After lunch Sam helped me with my drip irrigation project for plants on their deck and that required a trip to the hardware store. Heather was working on sanding the upstairs bathroom and just before I headed to the hardware store, one of sanders bit the dust. Sam went with me to the hardware store where we got a new sander, the parts we needed for the irrigation system, and fancy dancy PVC pipe cutter.



I then suggested that he run across the street to the skateboard shop to see if they had bearings and spacers for his new skateboard. Last week it became evident that all three boys needed their own skateboard, so I suggested that Sam order the parts he would need to build his own. He was super excited by this idea and his smiles and thank you’s have given me great joy. He spent a lot of time last week trying to order the just right parts, but wheels in particular just weren’t available until August. We checked the shop downtown and they didn’t have them either. But the board shop in Hyannis had them, so Jed picked those up yesterday when he took Sam and Jonah to their Scout outing. That left only two parts needed for board completion and those are to be delivered next Tuesday. But this afternoon I thought that if needed in the board shop and completed the building of board when we got home. Just watching him building his own skateboard was joyous, but look of accomplishment on his face was total joy. And Jonah and Ollie were also overjoyed as they now each have their own board. This called for a trip to the skatepark. On each visit to the park, the boys increase their skills as they get a really good physical work out. There are falls and scrapes, but no one complains too much. I love watching them improve their skills and they are very proud of their accomplishments on both the skateboards and the scooters. Ahh, the joy of grandchildren.

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