2020 Life Logs, Day 204: More Skatepark and Water Play
Date: Thursday, July 23, 2020
Weather: Sunny AM, Partly Cloudy PM; High 81, Low 71 Degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Camp Oma Afternoons roll on. Yesterday the boys and I checked the weather forecast for today and made plans for today based on that. It looked like we could have thunderstorms in the afternoon, so we planned to make it a Lego afternoon at their house. But it was a beautiful, sunny morning, so when I arrived to pick up the boys, everyone wanted to go to the skatepark. We had to plan a short afternoon as Jed was taking Sam and Jonah to a Scouting activity at Camp Greenough this evening, as he did Ollie on Tuesday, so we decided to go to the skatepark, go to my house for lunch, and play Legos there. Jed would pick up Sam and Jonah at my house which is on the way to the Scouting venue. The boys usually spend an hour or less at the skatepark, but today everyone wanted to stay longer. By the time we got to my house and had lunch, it was almost time for Sam and Jonah to get ready to go. Instead of Legos, the Sam and Jonah changed into swim wear and launched into a water battle while Ollie headed down to the dock to launch a kayak. My driveway became the battleground for the water battle and Sam and Jonah had a great time. When the magic time came, they stopped and got dressed and then they were off with their dad for their evening of adventure.

It was just after 3:30 when Jed picked up Sam and Jonah and I then headed down to the dock to check on Ollie. He had launched a kayak but was waiting for me before taking it out. He spent the next hour kayaking and jumping off the dock into the water. From the water, he practiced getting into the kayak without capsizing it. He practiced pushing the kayak from behind by becoming a human propeller. And he practiced swimming with a kayak paddle moving him forward. When his older brothers are around, he is often reluctant to try new things. But this afternoon he really enjoyed his alone time in the water and perfected a number of skills. Then we headed to the driveway to have a water battle with the two of us. I definitely lost that battle, but I had a good time losing! When I drove Ollie home, Heather, Ollie, and I had take-out on the deck for dinner, celebrating another fun summer day.

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