2020 Life Logs, Day 201: Skatepark, Legos, and Beach
Date: Monday, July 20, 2020
Weather: Sunny, Hotter; High 84, Low 70 Degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

The window fan in my bedroom shows the current temperature and this evening when I got home it was 80 degrees in the bedroom with the fan going full blast. That is the hottest it has been this summer. We have had a couple of days where the outside high was 80, but today it was 84. That must have been just enough to cause the indoor temperature to rise to an almost uncomfortable level. Even I, the person who loves hot weather, was hot inside this evening. The saving grace is that the outdoor temperature is going down, slowly, so hopefully it will be a comfortable sleeping night. Jed went to Boston today and he said it was 96 degrees F there. That really is hot and thankfully we just don’t usually get high temps like that here on the Cape.

Each of the Goldpebbles wanted to do different things today. I tried to accommodate all their wishes, but that made the day too rushed. Lesson learned. Sam and Jonah wanted to go the skatepark, so we started there. Then we went to my house to have lunch and to play with Shadow and then back to the Goldstones to play with Legos. That was a request of Ollie and Jonah.

Then we headed to the beach in the late afternoon. That was the perfect way to end a hot day, and although we had all agreed that we would just spend an hour at the beach, it just wasn’t long enough for any of us. I got in the water and did some snorkeling today. We were at Surfside Beach and there were lots of small, and some large, fish in the water. Jonah found a big scallop that would open and shut for him. It was great, but we all just needed more water time. So tomorrow we’ll do skatepark and then head straight to the beach, have a picnic lunch and stay for the afternoon. We agreed to save the Lego play for non-beach days.

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