2020 Life Logs, Day 198: Free and Easy Friday
Date: Friday, July 17, 2020
Weather: Overcast with Periods of Light Rain; High 71, Low 67 Degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

As predicted, today was overcast with periods of light rain . . . enough rain to make the pavement wet which curbed the plan to take the Goldstones to the skatepark this morning. Instead, when I arrived to pick them up, we worked on practical things like music practice for Ollie and Sam (Jonah had already practiced) and finishing up writing birthday thank you notes for Jonah.
Ollie went down to the basement first to practice violin and I followed along with my phone so he could use the tuner on my phone to tune up. Once he started playing, I stayed to listen and was able to get a couple of photos of him in action. Delightful. I headed back upstairs and folded laundry while Sam practiced drums, but even with the basement door closed, you can hear the drums upstairs. So, I got to enjoy his playing, and then Jonah’s as he went down to accompany Sam, but I didn’t go back down to get photos. While we doing all of this, a new skateboard was delivered and Sam was so very anxious to try it out. He did take it out on the street for a couple of runs and then we packed it in my car, along with the second skateboard, so we could go to the skatepark later if the weather improved. Somehow, all of this took about two hours and it was way past lunch time when we headed to my house. On the way home, I stopped at Wicked n’ Wood to pick up ribs for lunch. This is a summer-only roadside BBQ place, a trailer with a great wood smoker that is open only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and sometimes Thursday. But today it was closed with the ‘Gone Fishing’ sign. I had promised the boys this take-out treat, but since they were closed, I suggested we go across the street and try the take-out at Le Bon Jour. This is a tiny little take-out place run by some young men from Senegal. Friends have recommended it, but I had never tried it. Much of the menu is Mexican, which seems inconsistent with the French Name, but the Senegal is French and the young men speak French and English. The menu allows a build-your-own burrito, so that is what Sam and Ollie ordered. Jonah decided that he would make his own burrito when we got to my house, so I went along with that idea for myself. The service was fast and efficient, and according to Sam and Ollie, the burritos were delicious. Sam was able to get both steak and braised lamb in his burrito and he was in heaven. I got to taste enough to know that the spicing is delicious, so this place will be added to the Goldstone take-out list. I’ll return to order their gumbo. Just reading about it made me hungry.

After eating lunch, we decided to watch a Harry Potter movie which took the rest of the afternoon. After the movie, Jonah and Sam headed out to the street with the skateboards and Shadow on a leash. It appears that Shadow enjoys skateboarding with Sam and is strong enough to pull him up the gentile hill. I went out to watch the show but unfortunately didn’t have a camera with me to catch the action. I’ll definitely follow along with a camera the next time as it is quite a sight!

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