2020 Life Logs, Day 176: Afternoon at Wood Neck
Date: Thursday, June 25, 2020
Weather: Sunny; High 81, Low 66 Degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

It was a beautiful day. I spent the morning running errands and spending time with Shadow. Then at 1 pm I headed to the Goldstones to pick up Sam, Jonah, and Ollie and head to the beach.


We went to Wood Neck, my favorite beach as it has both waves on the shore of Buzzards Bay and the beautiful Little Sippewissett Marsh where you can spend hours exploring. We usually set up our things on the marsh side and that is what we did today. Soon after we arrived, a family that was using our favorite spot left and we moved to what the boys call The Living Room. The view from there is of the entire marsh. Jonah, Ollie, and I walked through the water and back into the marsh and eventually Sam joined us. Jonah brought the Moray boogie board that was Justin’s when he was a teenager. Everyone had a great time running and jumping onto the board and surfing across the water. That boogie board is over 25 years-old and is still going strong. Near the end of the afternoon, we returned to The Living Room home base, where I sat with the sun at my back watching the boys build a sand fortress on a little islet.

Tomorrow is finally the last day of school for the boys and it is Jonah’s birthday. If the weather cooperates, we’ll spend the afternoon at the beach again and then have a family birthday dinner. Jonah is excited about that, but he is really excited that he will get to see three of his friends at a party on Saturday that Heather has planned to be Covid-friendly.

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