2020 Life Logs, Day 173: Gardening and Skate Park
Date: Monday, June 22, 2020
Weather: Foggy Morning, Partly Cloudy Afternoon; High 74, Low 63 Degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

It was another foggy morning, but the fog didn’t clear by noon as it has on most days recently. The overcast skies persisted into the afternoon.
Eventually we got a little sunshine, but it just didn’t feel like a beach day. So, after lunch, I persuaded the Goldpebbles to go to the Skate Park for an hour or so. We made a stop at the downtown skateboard shop on the way and I bought a trick skateboard to add to our repertoire of skate park equipment. Sam has a long skateboard, but that is not what is needed at the Skate Park. The new board ended up to be a great addition to the two scooters that we have. Both scooters are old and need to be replaced, but for today, at least, each of the boys had something to ride on. We basically had the whole park to ourselves and we all enjoyed our little outing. Sam used the new skateboard most of the time while Ollie and Jonah used the scooters. Fun time.

I came home to do a little cooking and finish a gardening project I began this morning. I restrung the bean tower that will serve as a trellis for the vining luffa sponge plants, put it in an area I cleared in Shirley’s landscaped area next door, and planted the seedlings I started inside in early May. Hopefully the plants will like the sunny spot and I will get lots of luffa sponges in the fall. These can be used as you would use any sponge. So, if I get a good crop it will be fun to experiment with different ways of using them.

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