2020 Life Logs, Day 139: Glorious Weather Day
Date: Tuesday, May 19, 2020
Weather: Sunny and Breezy; High 59, Low 44 degrees F
Location: At Home in Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Today was a gloriously beautiful, breezy spring day with blue skies and sunshine. My plan for the day was to do some gardening. I was going to work on getting my drip irrigation system up and running and then plant some seeds. So much for plans. That didn’t happen. But a good thing did happen and it was garden related. Before I went for my morning walk with Shadow, I got a call from Justin bringing me up-to-date on things in Puerto Rico. Where he lives in western Puerto Rico, they seem to be following the same guidelines as we have here in Massachusetts and stay-at-home is still in place. Justin is spending most of his time working on his computer. Jo is spending a lot of time in her garden. Ziggy is playing MineCraft with friends and enjoying being with them each day, even if it is online. Prior to Justin and Jo relaxing rules about online time, Ziggy was getting very lonely and really missing contact with his friends. This MineCraft group has solved his problem. And Coco continues to play dollies with her friends on Zoom. So, the days of living with the threat of the coronavirus are going along there just as they are here. After the call, I did go on my walk with Shadow and then I got a text from Jane Woodin asking if I would like to come dig up some Jerusalem Artichokes to plant here. These plants are perennials and they multiply like mad. You can eat the tubers of these artichokes, but the real reason for having them is that they have the most beautiful yellow flowers in late summer and into the fall. Jane always picks bunches of them and delivers them to friends to brighten their days. And those of us who have been the recipients of these beautiful bouquets have asked if we could dig some up to start on our properties. I tried transplanting the roots of the dried-up plants last fall, but none of those have come up this spring. So, I jumped at the opportunity to go over and get some to transplant. I ended up getting quite a few and it basically took me the rest of the afternoon to get them planted. Bruce also offered some hops vines, so I transplanted those around a tree so the vines could climb and I added a couple of the luffa sponge seedlings I have been growing inside, as they are also climbers. I didn’t harden them off first, so I hope they make it. But if not, I have 18 more seedlings to plant later. I did spend the day gardening . . . just not on the tasks I had planned. Maybe I’ll get back to that plan tomorrow. Thank you, Bruce and Jane for sharing. I sure hope these transplants make it! And after spending the entire afternoon outside in the sun and breezy conditions digging trenches in which to plant the artichokes, I am zapped. Time for bed.

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