2020 Life Logs, Day 11: Overwhelming
Date: Saturday, January 11, 2020
Weather: Warm and Windy; High 60, Low 55 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

The numbers are overwhelming . . . 1.5 million acres of Australia is engulfed by wild fires affecting half a billion animals and I don’t know how many people . . . severe weather including tornadoes in the southern US killed 11 people today . . . over 1,000 earth quakes in Puerto Rico since December 31. The numbers are not only overwhelming, they are almost unbelievable. A thousand earthquakes in less than two weeks in one area? I’ve never heard of anything like this before. An “earthquake swarm” is a term that showed up in my reading today. It refers to a sequence of earthquakes in the same area in a short period of time without an outstanding shock. I don’t feel that really describes what is happening in Puerto Rico because in between the lesser quakes, they keep having major ones. A 5.9 magnitude hit this morning that does not seem insignificant. The stronger quakes can be felt where Justin and Jo live, but they are not in danger. Still the continued tremors are starting to fray nerves. And it was 60 degrees here today. Really? In January? I’m not complaining, but this is supposed to be our coldest month with an average high temperature in the 30’s. It is supposed to get cooler later in the week, but I had to put my heavy coat away and get out my lighter weight fall jacket. Weird weather events.

Shadow and I spent our morning at Heather and Jed’s. They had an appointment to look at a house but thought it was too preliminary to take the boys, thus the need for Oma to hold down the fort while they were gone. Heather and Jed stopped house hunting months ago and are making plans to renovate their current home, but this one caught Heather’s attention and she wanted to take a look. They came home very excited. They both really liked the house and love the neighborhood and we might all go back to take look tomorrow. I came home and put on chicken mineral broth to burble, played outside with Shadow, and then took a nap. I still have congestion and don’t have my normal energy level back yet, so resting is a good thing. After the nap, Shadow and I went for a long walk and then I left for a couple of hours to go to a nursing home to give my Voyage of Windbird presentation to a good friend. After my presentation at the Newcomers meeting on Thursday, Midge Frieswyk asked me if I would be willing to give the presentation to her husband Bill. He had a fall a couple of months ago and has been in a nursing home for rehabilitation since. I was delighted that Midge thought he would like to see the presentation and I was anxious to do something special for Bill. But when I arrived this evening, he was not able to come down for the presentation. Midge’s sister who lives up near Boston and her daughter and two grandsons were there to see the presentation, so we went ahead without Bill. When he is feeling better, I will certainly return and give him a private showing.

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