2020 Life Log, Day 141:  Electric Violin, More Kayak Krazies, Talking to Friends and Family
Date:  Thursday, May 21, 2020
Weather:  Sunny, but Cool with the Wind; High 57, Low 48 degrees F
Location: At Home in Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Another great day with beautiful weather.  Blue skies and sunshine is always welcome, but right now it is especially cherished.  But it was a windy day and felt considerably cooler than yesterday although the thermometer read the same as yesterday.  I went to pick up the Goldpebbles mid-afternoon to come over for another Kayak Krazies afternoon.  We had fun, but unfortunately, it was just not as perfect as yesterday.  That was mostly because of the direction of the wind and chill it left in the air.  But the boys still had a good time trying their best to sink those kayaks.

Other parts of my day . . . when I went over to pick up the Goldpebbles this afternoon, Ollie was in the basement with Heather playing his violin.  But for the first time, it had an electronic connection and it sounded fantastic.  He was so excited to finally be electronic.  Then this evening I spent a time talking with friend Lynne Kirwin who has been spending the last few months in New Zealand.  She had planned to return to Michigan the first of May, but that didn’t happen, and it is still too early for her to make a return home reservation.  Maybe by the end of July, but we will just have to wait and see how things play out.  I also spent time talking to my sister Patsy in Nashville.  She has not been out since the middle of March and is getting very anxious to go food shopping.  She has plenty of food, but she is really missing the shopping aspect.
I did not get to the gardening tasks for today, but those seedlings are still growing in my plant window.  Maybe tomorrow.

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