2019 Life Logs, Day 310: Overnight at the Goldstones
Date: Wednesday, November 6, 2019
Weather: Overcast and Rainy; High 53, Low 37 degrees F
Location: At Home with Heather and the Goldpebbles, East Falmouth, MA

Tonight was a reversal. Usually the Goldpebbles spend the night with me, but tonight I am staying over at their house. Jed is in England and Heather has to leave the house just after 5 am tomorrow morning to be on the air for fundraising at 5:30 am. I told her only crazy people are up listening to the radio at that time of the morning! Rather than get up at 4:30 to come over here in the morning, I decided to just spend the night. Sam leaves for school at 6:55 am as he has Jazz Band before school tomorrow. Jonah leaves at 7:40 am, and then Ollie doesn’t have to leave until 8:50 am. I’ll be exhausted by 9 am.
I just finished writing this log and then hit some key that caused red squiggly lines to appear and no matter what I did I couldn’t get out of Word or save the log. I had to do a hard shutdown, and when I turned the computer back on, there was no sign of the log. Since I have to get up before 6am tomorrow morning, I am going to bed and will finish writing and sending this tomorrow morning.

Well, it is morning and everyone got off to school just fine. I finished canning my latest batch of chicken mineral broth this morning and now I am off for a day of shopping. Yesterday I spent time getting ready for cold weather.


I hate putting the gardens ‘to bed’ for the winter as they are still producing food, but tomorrow the high temperature is going to be in the 30’s and tomorrow night we will get a hard frost. So the drip irrigation systems I installed at Heather’s and at my house had to be disconnected, hoses disconnected, and the outside water supplies turned off. That’s done, so I’m ready for cold weather??? Not really. I’m never ready for cold weather. I also took Ollie to his violin lesson yesterday. I haven’t been to a lesson since August, and I was very pleasantly surprised by how much his playing has improved. I really love listening to him play violin and Sam and Jonah rock out on the drums and bass guitar. So much fun.

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