2019 Life Logs, Day 75: Spoke Too Soon
Date: Saturday, March 16, 2019
Weather: Sunny, Windy, Continued Warmth; High 52, Low 40 degrees
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Last night when I wrote my log, I spoke too soon. I wrote that I heard “thunder in the distance, but no significant amount of rain thus far”. Well, that changed quickly. As soon as I shut down my computer, the thunder and lightning show got serious and close-by. And a while after that, there was driving rain. I honestly don’t remember when I have experienced a storm this fierce. I went to bed and tried to read my mystery novel, but unfortunately I was at a spot in the book where a person was murdered during a séance. Too scary for me, so I just went to sleep. The storm during the night, the storm worked itself out and this morning dawned with bright sunshine. There was still some wind, but it was a beautiful day. Yesterday was my first trip to grocery store and today was my first outdoor walk. Heather called to invite me to go for a nature walk with them in the afternoon. When the time came, however, Jonah and Ollie were so completely into playing backyard baseball that there was no way to get them into the van to drive somewhere to take a walk. So, we ended up just walking in the neighborhood and it felt great to be out walking again. I made it for the half-mile with an uphill bit just fine. And I now feel confident that I can go out walking on my own without fear of falling. Every day my knee gets a little better and the signs of spring are popping up everywhere. The crocus in Heather’s front flowerbed showed their first blooms today and the daffodils are ready to bloom. The crocus blooms appeared on March 2 last year, so even though it has been a mild winter, the cold spell that started the end of February delayed those little purple blossoms by a couple of weeks. So exciting to see them this afternoon.

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