2019 Life Logs, Day 65:  The Day After
Date:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019
Weather:  Sunny and Cold; High 29, Low 13 degrees F
Location:  At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Today was like having a hangover after having a bit too much fun the previous night.  Yesterday was such a wonderful celebration of my birthday with friends and family, so spending today alone paled by comparison.  I did have a visit from the physical therapist, and she gave my knee another thorough workout that my leg didn’t forget about easily.  I am having a little muscle pain still tonight, but exercise and ice will take care of that.  I spent the rest of the day either exercising or propping my leg up and reading or resting.  I am very pleased with how things are progressing, and I know I need to keep following the prescribed plan, but the part I find the hardest is keeping my leg above heart level for part of each day in order to reduce the internal swelling.  In that position, I even find it even hard to read, but hopefully I have only a few more days of this.  Today I talked on the phone with friend Christina Brodie who had the same surgery three weeks ago.  She said she views her exercise and rest routine as her job right now, and I’m going to adopt that thinking.  Going through the prescribed exercise routine four times during the day only takes two to three hours, but when you add the leg-up rest in-between exercises, it takes a great deal of the day.  And as the swelling subsides, I’ll be able to sit up at the table and work on my long list of computer projects.  So, no lack of things to do . . . just hard for someone who is used to being on the go much of the time to sit still for so long.  But that’s my job.

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