2019 Life Logs, Day 43:  A Little Snow
Date:  Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Weather:  Overcast, Snow, Then Icy Rain; High 32, Low 29 degrees F
Location:  At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

I’m not sure I have this exactly right, but my memory tells me we had a skiff of snow in November, an inch or so on January 19th, and this afternoon we got another inch or two.  But that is it for snow so far this winter.  It is always so beautiful when everything is covered in white and it always brings great joy to children.  But on the other hand, the icy conditions caused by that beautiful blanket of white cause all sorts of problems.  Knowing it was coming this afternoon, the Falmouth schools decided to follow the Early Release schedule today to avoid the risk of accidents if they released at the normal time during the snow fall.  It was a perfect call as the first snow flake fell just as I was walking with Jonah and Ollie to my car to take them home at 12:40 pm.  It didn’t take long for the ground to be covered and by 1:30 there was enough snow to get the boys outside to do some sledding.  Of course, sledding somehow turned into a snowball fight and then tears because snowballs ended up being thrown into faces where they are never to be thrown.  And then everyone was cold and wet and no longer enamored by the white stuff and they headed next door to play inside.  Heather was home sick this afternoon and trying to get some work required reading done, but once the boys were next door, she fell asleep.  When Jed got home she was still asleep and I do hope the rest helps her fight off this cold.  By the time Jed got home, the snow was turning to icy rain.  Jed cleaned the snow off my car and I headed home before the roads got any worse.  Once home, I shoveled the front steps, a path to the car, and the entrance to Shirley’s home.  I didn’t shovel her whole drive way as it is supposed to warm up overnight and melt the snow.  But in case that doesn’t happen, there is enough shoveled to get into and out of the two houses safely.

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