2019 Life Logs, Day 42:  Special Invitations
Date:  Monday, February 11, 2019
Weather:  Mostly Sunny; High 35, Low 22 degrees F
Location:  At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

I received a couple of ‘invitations’ that made today very special.  Ollie invited me to come to his violin lesson this afternoon and Justin sent a text ‘inviting’ me to join them in a Skype video call so I could see the kids and Jo’s parents who are visiting.  Both of these invitations resulted in very happy experiences.  Watching Ollie play his little violin so very seriously was just absolutely precious and I felt very special that he invited me to come watch.  Then, tonight, I enjoyed a wonderful Skype video call with Justin, Jo, Ziggy, Coco, and Jo’s parents who are taking a break from England’s gray winter skies to enjoy sunny Puerto Rico.  I have only met Jo’s parents once, but we keep in touch via email and Skype video calls from time to time when they are visiting Justin and Jo or when Justin and Jo are in England visiting them.  I got to see Ziggy’s aquariums, the part of his room that he uses as his inventor’s workshop, and I got see one of his inventions in action.  Coco had been playing a game with her Grandma that teaches about flower families and she delighted in reading the various flower families to me.  I also enjoyed seeing how they have rearranged rooms.  What was the guest room is now Ziggy’s room and workshop.  Ziggy and Coco’s bedroom is now the guest room and the playroom is now Coco’s room.  So much changes in a year and since I didn’t get to go to Puerto Rico this winter, I hope we can have more of these Skype video calls to help me keep in touch.  Otherwise, my day was just more of the same.  I spent almost two hours at the gym this morning and spent my afternoon cooking and working on updating computer files.  Jed and Jonah stopped by on their way home from Jonah’s guitar lesson and got the cross braces properly installed on the back of my new ‘greenhouse’ shelves.  Thank you, Jed!  Tomorrow I will get the plant lights installed on those shelves and continue working on computer file updates.  So, more of the same, except we are expecting snow instead of sunshine.  We haven’t seen much of the white stuff this winter, so we’ll see if it really materializes or manages to elude us once again.  Tuesday is my day to pick Jonah and Ollie up after school, so we might be playing in the snow after school.


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