2019 Life Logs, Day 358: Christmas Eve
Date: Tuesday, December 24, 2019
Weather: Beautiful Day; High 43, Low 20 degrees
Location: At Home with the Goldstones, East Falmouth, MA

Christmas Eve was going so beautifully. During the afternoon, we all scurried to get the last presents wrapped while Heather baked bread wreaths and we had a Skype video call with Justin, Jo, Coco, and Ziggy to hear about their Christmas preparations in Puerto Rico. Shadow and I packed up to come spend the night with the Goldstones so we would be here super early on Christmas morning. Before dinner, we opened our Christmas Eve gifts. I bought books for the boys and an Edward Gorey puzzle for Heather and Jed. I got a beautiful scallop shell ornament with the outline of Cape Cod cut out in the center. I bought a grassfed prime rib roast from a local farm and we cooked that for dinner. Our timing was off a bit and the roast was a little too rare for everyone except Sam and Jed, but Jed cut off pieces and quickly pan seared them for the rest of us and it was delicious and so tender. Jonah doesn’t eat meat, so we had a Christmas artichoke for him. After dinner, we were watching White Christmas while cuddling the guinea pigs and Shadow on the couch. Then a beautiful day went awry. Heather went to put Ollie’s guinea pig, Zuzu, back in his home when he jumped out of her hands and fell to the floor. At first he couldn’t move and Heather thought he had broken his back. She desperately tried to find a veterinarian that was open on Christmas Eve. Long story short, he had to be taken first to a vet in Bourne across the bridge and then on to Weymouth, closer to Boston. Heather and Ollie took him to Bourne and there they suggested the vet in Weymouth. Jed went to meet up with Heather and Ollie so they could come home and then he went to Weymouth. When Heather and Ollie got home, it was almost 10 pm, so we all went to bed with the hope that morning would bring better news. I didn’t get up to check the time, but sometime during the night I heard Jed return and then I heard Santa arrive just a little later. So, all is well.

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