2019 Life Logs, Day 333: Unplanned Fun
Date: Friday, November 29, 2019
Weather: Sunny; High 47, Low 25 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

The highlight of today was totally unplanned and so much fun. Shadow and I drove over to Heather and Jed’s to pick up the portable exercise pen the boys had erected in their backyard for Thanksgiving Day. The thought was that Shadow could be in the fenced area while the boys were playing soccer. But it was too cold and rainy for soccer and we didn’t need the exercise pen. And since there is snow in the forecast for Sunday night, I thought I should get it in out of the weather. When we arrived, Heather asked if we would like to take walk. Jed was in Hyannis and she had been trying to get the boys to go on a walk with her with no luck. But when we said Shadow would like to go for a walk, we suddenly had very willing boys.
Walks with boys and a puppy are really runs, but I managed to keep up. I can even jog a bit these days with the knee replacement. So, we walked and ran down to the bogs, around bogs, through the bogs, and then back home. Everyone had a great time. My other reason for going out was to go get my mail at the post office on the way home. I am the appointed person to whom Newcomers are to send their reservations for the Newcomers Holiday Luncheon. The registration deadline is Sunday and I wanted to make sure I picked up last minute reservations to add to the spreadsheet. Then Shadow and I returned home and I launched into a flurry of cooking. I wanted to make a homemade puppy chow and a Tuscan stew for myself. I got both done and fed Shadow his first homemade food, but I am wondering if that was a mistake. He loved it, but he has been very unsettled tonight. I sure hope this doesn’t continue through the night.

One of my goals getting a puppy was to make sure I am out and about multiple times a day and that certainly seems to be working. Every morning when we go for our early morning walk down to the dock. Each day we have been watching the twenty or so swans float about. This morning I was shocked to see that the water was so high that there was no island across from the dock. There is a new moon, but I have never seen the water this high. And there were Canadian geese instead of swans this morning. Interesting. I think I will find these morning walks most informative.

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