2019 Life Logs, Day 330: Thanksgiving Food Shopping
Date: Tuesday, November 26, 2019
Weather: Sunny Day; High 61, Low 41 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

There was a special holiday Farmers Market today, so late morning I headed to town to go to the Market and to finish up my food shopping for Thanksgiving. Heather and Jed ordered the turkey and Jed picked it up at the Farmers Market today. I bought butternut squash, cranberries, and Brussels sprouts to add to the dinner, garlic to plant, and green tomatoes and turnips just because they were there. I will make fried green tomatoes, but not for Thanksgiving. I then headed to other stores to buy items, none of which were all available at the same store. Oysters from the fish market, sparkling wine from another market for a Thanksgiving toast, other some items from the grocery. Then there was a stop at the Vet’s office, a stop at the hardware store, and a stop to get my hair trimmed. Three hours later I returned home and spent a great deal of the afternoon playing outside with Shadow. I put together his outside exercise pen and actually ate lunch outside while Shadow played in the pen. Then we went for our first long walk through the neighborhood. Tonight, I talked with my friend Lynne Kirwin who is flying to New Zealand for the winter on Friday. We talked about the 10 inches of snow and cold weather she has been experiencing in Michigan and she promised not to rub reports of lovely weather in New Zealand once she arrives there and cold weather hits here. It was beautiful here today with a high temp in the low 60’s. But if the forecast is correct, it won’t be this warm again in the next ten days, and maybe not until spring. I also talked to Heather and to Jonah tonight. Jonah and Ollie have recently taken an interest in playing the piano. Last week I arrived at the Goldstones and got to hear Ollie composing a beautiful song on the piano. This evening Jonah figured out how to play “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. He recorded this on his tablet and spent quite a bit of time talking to me on the phone while trying to figure out how to send me the recording. He doesn’t have email or messaging capability on his tablet, so he had to send it to Heather’s phone via Blue Tooth and was trying to share it with me that way. We had technical difficulties, so I will have to see the recording when I visit tomorrow, but it was fun being on the phone with Jonah while he was trying to figure this out. Heather was in the middle of a “bountiful crisis”. Jed had brought home lots of veggies from the Farmers Market and they got a Misfits Market organic fruit and veggie delivery this week as well, so she had way more produce than she had room to store. Misfits delivers certified organic produce to your door for less than grocery store prices. It is called Misfits because it is produce that doesn’t meet the appearance test needed for supermarkets, but it is still tastes great. Hopefully Heather was able to figure out ways to store al of the produce. Tomorrow morning, I have an 8 am appointment with my primary care physician to follow up on reflux issues and then I will spend the rest of the day getting a head start on preparing all the food I bought today ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

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