2019 Life Logs, Day 285: C & C & C
Date: Saturday, October 12, 2019
Weather: Still Overcast and Drizzly; High 61, Low 48 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage. East Falmouth, MA

C=Computer – C=Carpentry – C=Cooking. That sums up my day. I spent most of the day at my computer finishing the PowerPoint for my presentation on Thursday. It is complete, but I’ll continue to send time making sure I can fit it all in a 45-minute time frame. It is always a challenge to fit almost six years of world travel into a 45-minute presentation, but I hope I’ve done it this time. I didn’t do any carpentry, but Nilson Fialho came today to replace pieces of trim on the cottage that were rotting and he finished that job. Then this evening I spent time doing a little cooking to get ready for tomorrow. My sister-in-law Sue Cook from Florida is in Massachusetts visiting with her two daughters (my nieces Candi and Lynn) and they are all driving down from the Boston area to visit for the day. We will have lunch here at the cottage and do a little touring in the Falmouth and Woods Hole area. Sue was married to my brother who died 55 years ago today. Sue was from the Boston area and moved back to Massachusetts after my brother died, but the family has always stayed in touch over those many years. I’m looking forward to spending tomorrow with Sue, Candi, and Lynn.

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