2019 Life Logs, Day 281: Here and There
Date: Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Weather: Overcast; High 71, Low 54 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage. East Falmouth, MA

Today I was here and there. I started my morning reviewing previous presentations I have made about the Voyage of Windbird around the world. This review is in preparation of three upcoming presentations. One is next week, so I will be spending a good bit of the next few days working on giving the presentation a fresh look. After lunch, I switched gears and went to visit with Olivia and Terry White. Olivia is recovering from a knee replacement and Terry has been a wonderful recovery ‘nurse’. Olivia’s surgery was just two weeks ago today and I was delighted to see that she is rebounding quickly. While there, I learned that their daughter Sheri, senior engineer in Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering at Woods Hole Oceanographic, who is out on a science mission on the Neil Armstrong science vessel, is prematurely headed back to Woods Hole due to a storm headed our way. I knew it was supposed to be rainy for the next three days, but I didn’t know that we are under a storm watch with rains capable of causing flooding and 25 to 30 knot winds with gusts up to 45 knots. So, time to batten down for a couple of days.

From Terry and Olivia’s, I headed to an appointment with Midge Frieswyk at The Cape Club to make arrangements for the Newcomers Holiday Party. Midge is in charge of the affair and she has asked me to assist her. We met with the Director of Food and Beverage, made food decisions for the holiday luncheon, and then I carried on to the next appointment. This was to hang out with Ollie and Jonah after school as Sam, Heather, and Jed would not be home until 5:30ish. We made gingerbread that we cut into pumpkin shapes for an after-school snack and then I made fried green tomatoes as a treat for Heather and Jed. Last week Karen and Peter Baranowski brought me a bounty of green tomatoes from their son’s garden. I put them in the refrigerator which is keeping them green, allowing me to continue to make my favorite summer treat in these early days of autumn.

Tomorrow morning I am supposed to go on a hike with a Newcomers hiking group that I recently joined, but the weather forecast doesn’t look inviting. The rain could start early in the morning, so I might just stay home and work on the Voyage of Windbird presentation.

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