2019 Life Logs, Day 274: Philadelphia to New City, NY
Date: Tuesday, October 1, 2019
Weather: Beautiful Day; High 73, Low 70 degrees F
Location: At Home with Lynne’s Friend Jane in New City, NY

Today was another beautiful touring day in Philadelphia, this time with Kevin. He returned from his 24-hour business trip to Los Angeles early this morning, slept a couple of hours, and then walked back to the historic district with Lynne and me. We went back to the Ben Franklin Post Office so Lynne could send a letter with the special post mark and then we walked to the National Constitution Center. Once we went in, we realized it was going to take more time that we had to do the tour, so instead we headed to The Bourse. This is a food court in the historic 1895 building that was once a stock exchange. It was remodeled and opened in July of last year. The name ‘bourse’ is used to refer to a stock exchange, especially in certain European cities and now in Philadelphia. We chose the first food stall we came to as the Hawaiian Poké bowls sounded delicious . . . and they were. We had five categories to choose from, with many options in each category, to build our own bowl. We all chose to have sushi grade ahi tuna on organic salad greens and had some combination of green onions, garlic, seaweed salad, edamame, carrots, cucumber, sesame seeds, and I had wasabi aioli dressing with mine. It was delicious. We then walked back to the boat to get Lynne’s things as she was heading to New City, New York to stay with a friend and start her visit with other friends and family in Nyack. Claire was leaving for Cold Springs on Long Island for a conference, so that left Kevin and I to visit and tour a bit more. We walked the waterfront down to South Street and then walked through a funkier part of Philly. We stopped at Tattoo Mom, a kicky little bar with lots of vegan food choices, to have $1.00 tacos and a beer. We solved all the world’s problems, walked back through the Society Hill area of Philadelphia, back to the historic district where I got to see the old Customs House, and then back to the boat. By the time we got my things to the car, it was 6:30 pm and I headed to New City to spend the night with Lynne and her friend Jane. I had met Jane before, but it was so gracious of her to invite me to spend the night. This makes my drive home tomorrow much shorter and I will avoid the early morning Philadelphia and New York City traffic.

Both Lynne and I had a fabulous time staying aboard Merganser for a couple of nights and truly enjoyed touring Philadelphia with Kevin and Claire. They are the perfect hosts and are so much fun to be with. I’m so lucky to have such wonderful friends.  Thank you, thank you!

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