2019 Life Logs, Day 270: Bike Ride and Newcomers Mix and Mingle
Date: Friday, September 27, 2019
Weather: Continued Beautiful Weather; High 73, Low 54 degrees F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

The beautiful and warm summer-like weather continued today. The weather this week has been just spectacular, but the frenzy of Monarch butterflies that seemed to be everywhere yesterday were no where to be found today. Do they know something we don’t about upcoming weather? Maybe. But more likely it is just time for them to head south to Mexico.

I have not been on a bicycle other than in the gym since my knee surgery. My PT person told me not to ride on the road for at least five months as it takes that long for nerves and reflexes to mend after surgery. She explained that the automatic reflexes for what to do when you have to stop and hop off the bike take time to return and without them, you risk falling over. Not a good idea for the new knee. I wanted to ride with the Newcomers bike group today, but at the last minute, I realized that I should really try riding around the neighborhood first to make sure I was ready for this. So I rode up and down and around streets in this neighborhood and practiced getting on and off the bike. It worked just fine, but I realized just how much out of shape I am. Tiny hills were challenging. So I hope to continue riding 3-5 miles in the neighborhood for a few weeks before rejoining the bike group. But I have to say that it felt great to be biking again. In the afternoon, I delivered a meal to Terry and Olivia. Olivia was released from the hospital yesterday after her knee replacement. When I arrived, the PT person was there working with her. I waited for him to finish and we visited a bit. I wish her the best in the recovery process. Then tonight I went to a Newcomers Mix and Mingle. It is always nice to visit with people you know and meet new people. Tonight I met a couple who are originally from Great Britain, but are not Falmouth residents. While talking the husband, he mentioned that his wife loves to garden. When I then followed up and talked to her, she convinced me to join the local Garden Club. Not sure I need another activity, but she made it sound to inviting!

Tomorrow is another soccer Saturday and early on Sunday morning I head to Philadelphia. So looking forward to meeting up with Lynne Kirwin and visiting with Kevin and Claire.

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