2019 Life Logs, Day 256: Goldpebble Overnight
Date: Friday, September 13, 2019
Weather: Sunny; High 72, Low 52 degrees F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Beautiful day, especially considering it was Friday the 13th. The moon will be full just after midnight EDT, but two hours earlier Mountain Daylight Time where Justin is in New Mexico. But we’ll still say he got a full harvest moon for his 42nd birthday tomorrow. I talked to Justin briefly tonight and wished him a happy birthday a few hours early and we talked about how special it is to have a full moon as a birthday present.

The Goldpebbles are sleeping over tonight. Heather and Jed went out to a show written by Sam’s drum teacher and two other people. It is called Black Inscription and the reviews tell me it is a music concert that mixes arts and science. Using music, sound, and imagery, it takes the audience into the oceans. One review said, “Part documentary and part rock opera . . . The music is evocative and as undulating as the water self: its effect is hypnotic . . . mesmerizing . . .” I’ll be really anxious to hear Heather and Jed’s review. Sounds fascinating. Tonight the boys and I watched a movie called Oddball, a true story of how a dog saved a small colony of fairy penguins in southern Australia (called little blues in New Zealand). We all really enjoyed it because there was a lot of comedy even though the story line was serious. Tomorrow is a soccer day for all three boys. I’m afraid I got them to bed a little later than normal, but I’m hoping that they might sleep in tomorrow morning. I know that is asking for a small miracle, but the first couple of weeks of school have been exhausting for them and a little extra sleep would be a good thing.

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