2019 Life Logs, Day 226: Goin’ Fishing
Date: Wednesday, August 14, 2019
Weather: Mostly Cloudy, Clearing Late Day; High 72, Low 62 degrees F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

On Friday, I am taking the Goldpebbles on a little fishing expedition. We are going on an organized kid trip with Cap’n Kids Fishing Adventures out of Harwich Port. Then on Saturday, the Goldstones head to Maine. The boys are taking their fishing gear and hoping to get in a little fishing there. So, in preparation for the fishing in Maine, today we got out all the fishing rods and gear, made a list of the things we needed to make repairs and to add to the tackle boxes, and headed out on a shopping expedition. Hours later I brought the boys home with fishing gear, back to school supplies, and their tummies full of subs from Subway and the obligatory ‘once a summer’ Dairy Queen soft serve cone dipped in chocolate, and for Jonah, the chocolate dipped in sprinkles. I skipped having a sub, but I did indulge in a Dairy Queen cone.

When I got home I went on a hunt for a power cord to the Polar Cube icing machine I loaned to Alan Kanegsberg to use after his knee surgery. Alan’s surgery was this morning and this afternoon Helaine called from the hospital saying the power cord was missing. I looked through the house, searched the basement, and had Bruce Wooden check his Polar Cube that I had borrowed when I had my surgery. No power cord was found. I finally gave up the search and sat down. Should have done that earlier as I then remembered a strange power cord that didn’t seem to go to anything that I had found in the bedroom just before Justin and Jo arrived. It was in a dresser drawer and looked very much like the Polar Cube cord. So, I made a mad dash north to meet Helaine and give her the cord. Hopefully it is the right one. We’ll find out in the morning when she returns to the hospital.

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