2019 Life Logs, Day 220: More Fun at Menauhant Beach and Bourne’s Pond
Date: Thursday, August 8, 2019
Weather: Windy Beach Day; High 85, Low 68 degrees F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Menauhant Beach is on the Vineyard Sound. It is on one side of the road. A narrow channel connects the beach side of Menauhant to Bourne’s Pond on the other side of the road. While Ollie was having his last swim lesson of summer 2019 at the beach, good friend Peter Baranowski was heading across Bourne’s Pond with Bruce and Jane Woodin and their twin grandchildren, Aurora and Jasper, on a clamming expedition. Ollie and I were invited to join, but since it was the last swim lesson, we decided to decline the offer. Ollie was really torn as he LOVES clams and would love to learn about clamming from Peter, known affectionately as Poseidon to my grandchildren. Maybe another time. After the swim lesson, we did walk across the road to greet the expedition on its return. Bruce and the twins led the way with Jane and Peter behind. Peter was transporting a full basket of clams that was graciously shared with us. And I documented the occasion by getting a photo of the ‘clammers’ that Bruce labeled as American Gothic . . . Cape Cod style.

I headed home with the clams while Joey and Molly’s grandmother watched Ollie. When I returned, the wind had ramped up even more than earlier and the kids decided to ride the waves on body boards. The boards are light weight and kept flying into the air, but the sister of Jacqueline, the swim teacher, became a hero by staying with Ollie, Joey, and Molly and keeping those boards in control. The waves were as rowdy as the kids, so I stayed at the ready to go out quickly if needed. Thankfully no help was needed. I just got to sit back and watch joyous kids enjoying summer fun.

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