2019 Life Logs, Day 182: Swim Lessons and a Photography Class
Date: Monday, July 1, 2019
Weather: Sunny and Windy; High 85, Low 64 degrees F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Camp Oma welcomed the first day of July with a flurry of activities. Today was the first day of swim lessons for Jonah and Ollie, and it was the first day of a week-long Photography and Photoshop Adventures class that Sam chose to take at Falmouth Academy. The swim lessons are sponsored by the town of Falmouth and are offered at many of the beaches. Like last year, Heather signed the Goldpebbles up for lessons at Menauhant Beach which is the closest to home, only a couple of miles away. Not only are the lessons convenient, they are a true value for parents. Heather signed up all three boys for the summer for a total of $70. So, when they are double-booked, like Sam is this week, it is not a problem. You can come and go from the swim lessons as best suits your schedule.

Jonah is always the reluctant one when it comes to going to the beach, but he had a blast today and can’t wait to go back tomorrow. His class is at 10 am with many of the same kids he was with last summer and Ollie’s class is at 10:30 am. Before and after the classes, all the kids play together. Today they went across the road to Bourne’s Pond to go crabbing. That was just their excuse for going to the pond-side as they had no crabbing equipment or bait, but they happily explored for two hours before heading back across the road to the beach-side. All of the kids were older than Ollie, so after a brief exploration, he decided to just lay on the beach and soak up the sun (with sunscreen applied, of course). It was after 1 pm by the time we got home. The boys took quick showers, had lunch, and then I took Ollie to violin lessons while Jonah played with Joey next door. Sam was supposed to bike to Woods Hole after his class ended at 3 pm and then come home with Heather. But Jed found out that this morning a power truck hit a bridge on the bike path and that the path from that point on to Woods Hole will be closed for the rest of the summer. So Heather picked him up from class and got home earlier than expected. I didn’t really get to talk to Sam about his class, but hope to have time to catch up with him about what he is learning tomorrow. Today was a delightful day and we are all looking forward to the US versus England semi-final soccer game in the Women’s World Cup tomorrow afternoon.

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