2019 Life Logs, Day 159: Another Soccer Saturday
Date: Saturday, June 8, 2019
Weather: Sunny; High 76, Low 52 degrees
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Today was a beautiful day and was another soccer Saturday for both Sam and Jonah. It was Sam’s last game of the spring season, but since his team won today, they have a play-off Saturday on June 22. Jonah had an away game today and has his last game of the season is early tomorrow morning. There are no play-offs in his age bracket, so tomorrow morning is it. I got up early this morning to enjoy the bright sunshine. I had hoped to start planting the raised beds immediately, but a tire pressure light that came on yesterday evening sent me to get that checked out first thing. It wasn’t the normal low-pressure light, but rather something that said TPMS. The pressure in all the tires is fine, so it is probably a battery issue in the monitoring system. But checking that out will take an appointment, so I moved on. Since I was already out, I went to the nursery to buy some cucumber plants. For whatever reason, none of my cucumber seeds sprouted and it is getting so late that I want to plant seedlings, not seeds. By the time I got home, I had only 30 minutes to work in the garden before it was time to head to Sam’s game. I got there just before the game started, but there were no Goldstones. I was just putting down my chair and bag to make a call when Jed, Jonah, and Ollie arrived. In getting ready for the game, Sam had poked himself in the eye with the straw in his water bottle and Heather had to take him to Urgent Care to make sure everything was okay. Jed saw that the assistant coach was not there either, so he headed over to help the coach while Jonah, Ollie, and I watched the game. Sam and Heather about half-way through the first half and Sam headed over to check-in. The doctor at the Urgent Care Center said his eye was fine and that he could play. During the half-time, Jonah played a little baseball pitch with Heather while Ollie hid from the sun under a chair. It was 76 degrees and with the bright sunshine, it did feel hot. Sam played a good second half and his team won, so he was happy. Something that has been making him very unhappy this past week is that he has outgrown most of his shorts. He loves the Adidas sports shorts I can get for him at Costco, so when the game was over, I made the decision to head off Cape to Costco. In addition to looking for shorts for Sam, I had a pair of shoes that I bought for myself that needed to be returned. And since Jonah’s 4 pm game was about half-way between Costco and home, I figured I could do a quick shopping trip and then take in Jonah’s game. Everything worked out except that Costco had not shorts. They are already stocking long sports pants for the fall. But there was another department store that carries Adidas close to Costco and I was able to get shorts for Sam there. They cost double what they would have cost at Costco, but I got them anyway and headed on to Jonah’s game. Tomorrow morning I will go to Jonah’s final game with Heather and gang in their van. The game is at 9:30 am, so we have to leave by 8:15. We should be home before noon and I can spend my afternoon getting things planted in my raised beds. It is not going to be as warm as today and only partly sunny, but that is better for transplanting.

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