2019 Life Logs, Day 154: A Little Gardening
Date: Monday, June 3, 2019
Weather: Sunny and Breezy; High 71, Low 49 degrees
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

It is June 3rd and I am still having difficulty getting motivated to plant the garden beds. Despite my lack of motivation, I did do a little gardening today. I’m also researching drip irrigation systems and this afternoon I went to see Jeanne Harper’s system. Jeanne lives in Heather’s neighborhood and installed a system last year. I watch videos describing how to install a system on YouTube and convince myself this looks easy, but then when I begin to plan out a system for my garden beds, and for Heather’s, I get a little overwhelmed. Jeanne was encouraging saying it is easier than it looks, so once I have all the supplies together AND have the planting done, I’ll get to work on installation. In addition to visiting with Jeanne, I also stopped by Karen Baranowski’s to pick up some rhubarb she brought back from a weekend trip to the Berkshires. She had more than she could use, so I offered to take the extra off her hands. Strawberry rhubarb pie definitely makes the world a better place. I made one yesterday for Heather and Jed. My neighbors Shirley and Doris return for the summer next Monday, so I’ll bake a pie for them as a welcome home gift. I was invited for cocktails at Bruce and Jane Woodin’s at 5 pm, so ended my day there. Bruce and Jane returned this weekend from a vacation in Vancouver and Alaska. They flew to Vancouver and then joined a cruise to Alaska. When they reached Seward, they then took a train to Denali where they enjoyed unusually clear skies and lots of wildlife. I really enjoyed hearing all about the trip.

Tomorrow I am going to travel to Martha’s Vineyard with the Newcomer’s Teacher Group. This requires taking a bus to Woods Hole, a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, and then getting on a mini-bus that will drive us around the entire island to learn about African-American contributions throughout the history of the island. It makes for a long day, but the weather forecast looks good and I am looking forward to the tour. I’ll end tonight’s log with a bon voyage message for my friend Lynne Kirwin. Lynne leaves Nyack tomorrow morning to relocate in Michigan for the summer and fall. She is from Michigan and most of her family lives there, thus the reason for the move. Her thinking at this point is that she will spend December through March in New Zealand and the rest of the year in Michigan. I will miss having her close by, but as Jane Woodin reminded me this afternoon, “Michigan is lovely place to visit.” Happy travels, Lynne.

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