2019 Life Logs, Day 137: Dinner and Movie with the Goldpebbles
Date: Friday, May 17, 2019
Weather: Overcast with a Few Sprinkles; High 65, Low 51 degrees F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

My day was spent dealing with paperwork and making related phone calls. What I thought would take an hour took six hours! But at least I did get the job done. By the time I finished, it was late afternoon and I needed to head to the gym to ride the stationary bike. Before leaving, I spent some time on the phone talking with friend Karen Baranowski who has been at her son’s home babysitting her four grandchildren all week. She and Peter are home for 36 hours and then they head back to stay with the kids until her son and his wife return from a get-away on Tuesday. While I was talking to her, I heard my phone beeping with another incoming call. When we hung up, I checked to see who had called and it said it was Heather. When I called, Ollie answered the phone and explained that he was the who had called to invite me over dinner and to watch a Harry Potter movie. I whole-heartedly accepted the invitation but explained that I had to go to the gym first to do my stint on the stationary bike. When I arrived for dinner, I was given my Mother’s Day present which was a bat house. Heather got one, Jed’s mother got one, and I got one. Bats pollinate plants, they cut down on mosquitoes and other bugs, and flying bat poop is a good thing! Who knew! It is big enough that I will need help hanging it on a tree, but I am happy to welcome bats. I then gave each of the boys a small gift from their Great Aunt Patsy. She chose some small items that belonged to Joe to send to the boys. Ollie got a rechargeable flashlight, Jonah a small flip light to examine treasures, and Sam got drawing calipers to add to his draftsmen supplies. We ate dinner while watching the third Harry Potter movie and afterwards Ollie went straight to the kitchen to write a thank you note to Aunt Patsy. He was supposed to be brushing his teeth, so when he gave me the thank you note to send to her, he apologized that it wasn’t his best writing as he was in a bit of a hurry. But he got that thank you note written, and it looked like neat handwriting to me! Tomorrow there are no soccer games, but Ollie has a his first violin concert. So that is how we will spend our afternoon.

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