2019 Life Logs, Day 133: Catching Up
Date: Monday, May 13, 2019
Weather: Mostly Sunny; High 70, Low 43 degrees F
Location: At Home with My Sister Patsy Kerwood, Mt. Juliet, TN

When I was here in late December, early January, I helped my sister begin putting away Christmas decorations. She has boxes and boxes and boxes of decorations that she puts out each year, and I thought we got most of it put away. But when I arrived this time, the den was still full of boxes that needed to be put on shelves in the garage. So today was the day of catching up–getting those boxes stored away and doing some other organizing and cleaning. When my niece Janet arrived in the early afternoon, she helped-out with the shuffling of boxes and then we took a load of cardboard to the recycling center and made a stop at Lowe’s for cleaning supplies for tomorrow’s jobs. At the end of the day of catching up, my sister and I had a nice dinner and then we watched two episodes of Downton Abbey. We watched episode one of season one last night, and I could see that my sister is hooked. I’ve put all six seasons on her Amazon Prime watchlist, so she’ll have something to keep her entertained for the next few weeks. Weather here is finally sunny, but the temperature has dropped from the 80’s to the 70’s and it feels chilly. But I got a text from Heather this evening saying there was show in western Massachusetts and rain with temps in the 40’s at home. She suggested I change my flight and stay a few more days. It will be back in the 80’s here by the weekend, so staying is certainly tempting!

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