2019 Life Logs, Day 104: Warm, Sunny Surprise
Date: Sunday, April 14, 2019
Weather: Beautiful AM, Turning Overcast with Rain; High 63, Low 54 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

This morning and into the early afternoon we had a warm, sunny surprise. It was sunny and in the 60’s. It was the warmest day we have had this spring, but unfortunately, it didn’t last. By mid-afternoon the clouds had taken over and then the drizzly rain started. But at least we had a beautiful start to the day. It was wonderful. I enjoyed a slow start to my day and then headed over to Heather and Jed’s to haul a couple of my things out of their basement. When I arrived I was greeted by the boys telling me that momma was in the backyard and that they were preparing a surprise lunch. I could come inside, but not into the kitchen and I was invited for the surprise lunch as well. Jed had to go to work for part of the day, so he was not at home to enjoy the lunch. At some point the boys realized they had to walk to the corner store to buy bread for the sandwiches. Once they got home and Heather and I were on the deck, our waiters gave us some choices for lunch. We put in our orders and lunch was served. Heather was so impressed with the sandwiches that she declared she no longer needs to pack lunches. The boys can do it for themselves! Well, that was not a particularly popular idea, but it is great to know that they can if need be. After lunch, Heather and the boys had to go to a Scout commitment and I headed home, but I invited Heather to drop the boys off to kayak later in the afternoon and I invited them all to come to dinner. I headed to the store to get a couple of things I needed which turned into a longer ordeal than I planned on. The grocery store where I shop is on strike, so I went to the only other grocery store in town. It was jam-packed with people and didn’t have everything I needed for dinner, so I had to drive north to Mashpee to a grocery store there. They still didn’t have exactly what I wanted, but at least they had a substitute. I got home, put groceries away, they arrived, but they were determined to get out in the kayaks. Jonah didn’t stay out long, but Sam and Ollie stayed out for almost two hours. I split my time between the dock and the kitchen. When it started drizzling, I spent more time in the kitchen, but the Sam and Ollie weren’t phased. It was almost 5 pm when I went down to the dock to tell them it was time to head in for dinner. By this time, it was raining a little more seriously and two very wet little boys eventually came inside. They stripped their wet clothing and headed directly to the shower. They were still in the shower when Heather and Jed arrived, but we finally coaxed them out in time for dinner. I love days like today. Nothing was planned. It just evolved. And it evolved into a very relaxed, fun day for all.

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