2018 Life Logs, Day 99—Never Have I Ever
Date: Monday, April 9, 2018
Weather: Mostly Sunny, but Still Chilly; High Temp 41, Low 32 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

There was sunshine today, but it was still chilly and windy. Does not feel like spring! I went to the gym and then spend a few hours with a realtor looking at homes for sale. There are some interesting things out there, but each possibility has some major drawback. So, I think I am going to end my search and either stay put or move to the cottage. I’m waiting to hear specifics from the cottage owner before I make the final decision. Stay tuned.

I rushed home to have a late lunch. While I was eating lunch, I checked in on Facebook and saw that Jo had posted a beautiful picture of Justin, Ziggy, and Coco messing about in a canoe as part of Ziggy’s birthday celebration. That was one post and then there was a post with a list of “Never Have I Ever” farmy-type experiences. My response was, “Oh, yes I have.” I read the list and realized I had done almost all of the 26 things listed. How come other people responding had only done one or two? I smiled and realized that not only am I much older than other respondents, I have lived one interesting life. That was all Mark’s ‘fault’. I would never have done any of those things had I not met him. But I enjoyed it all . . . with the exception of the broken egg in my pocket (one of the items on the list). As I wrote in a post on Facebook, it was winter in Minnesota. I walked to the barn to do the chores and put the only egg of the day in my jean’s pocket as my hands were carrying water buckets. When I got back to the house, I forgot about the egg and sat down. Not pleasant! Here’s the list. How many of these things have you done?

I also got a text message from Jo with photos of Ziggy and Coco opening Ziggy’s birthday presents from me and Coco opening her little sister present. I ordered the things on Amazon and they did arrive on Friday, but the post office in Rincon was behind on sorting and they couldn’t pick the presents up until today. Then I headed to Heather’s to check in on the gardening situation. Heather got lots of things planted yesterday, but there a few more things for me to plant tomorrow. Plus there are seeds that we need to start inside. Now that I have my marching orders, I’ll hope to get things planted tomorrow. Last week I planted cilantro and parsley inside in the big pots that I put on the deck. Both have sprouted and I included seven bean seeds that Jonah foraged from the garden. In one week, these beans are about a foot tall. I think we will have a new story to tell . . . Jonah and the Beanstalk. Today, he found a few more seeds so we will plant them and see what happens. And cold as it felt to me, Jonah and Ollie have decided that it is spring and time to play baseball. Ollie has taken over Jonah’s catcher gear and they are having a great time playing baseball in the backyard. This is a sign of spring.

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