2018 Life Logs, Day 97—Happy Birthday, Ziggy
Date: Saturday, April 7, 2018
Weather: Cloudy AM, Some Sun Late PM; High Temp 46, Low 32 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

Happy ninth birthday to Ziggy! I talked to him briefly today and when I asked what he got for his birthday he said, “An electric guitar!” Go, Ziggy. When I was in Puerto Rico, some evenings Ziggy just sat quietly and strummed on a guitar quietly. I’m guessing now that he has an electric guitar the strumming won’t be quite so quiet. I find it hard to believe that it has been nine years since he was born. Mark and I flew home from Malaysia to meet him when he was ten days old. I just read my log from the day we first met Ziggy and it was quite the adventure getting from Malaysia to New Mexico. “Seeing your grandchild for the first time is worth about anything. Even a ferry ride from Rebak to Langkawi . . . a taxi across Langkawi to Kuah . . . a ferry to Penang . . . a taxi from port to hotel . . . a little sleep . . . a taxi to airport . . . a 5-hour flight to Hong Kong . . . a 12-hour flight to Los Angeles—no sleep . . . a bus to train station . . . a Southwest Chief 18-hour train ride to Lamy, New Mexcio—some sleep . . . a shuttle van to Santa Fe . . . and then a walk through the snow with only sandals on. All this and we made it a day sooner than we thought. Somehow we miscalculated not including the day we gained crossing the dateline. So when we called Justin, he was just a little surprised. But he met us on the corner next to our home for the next three weeks and then we walked through the snow to meet Ziggy. Yes, it is snowing here. It probably snowed two-inches today and all of it is hanging on the pine trees. It is beautiful but it is freezing. We opted not to bring any shoes home with us, only the Tevas we were wearing and some wool socks we packed. Bad choice. Our feet were soaked and freezing by the time we got to Justin and Jo’s, but the first look at Ziggy warmed our hearts and our toes. He is so tiny and so beautiful.” Happy Birthday, Z.

02 Oma Holds Ten Day Old Ziggy

The sun made an appearance late this afternoon and I headed over to Heather’s to do some work in her garden. The two of us, with some help from Jonah and Ollie, made the first efforts to get the garden ready for planting. It is past time to plant peas, but it has been so cold that I don’t think they would have sprouted even if we had planted them on St. Patrick’s Day. Heather swears that is the day to plant peas, but not this year. But we will get them planted before April 17th!

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