2018 Life Logs, Day 94—Happy Anniversary to Justin and Jo
Date: Wednesday, April 4, 2018
Weather: Overcast, Foggy with Rain, Super Windy; High Temp 55, Low 31 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

Happy 11th anniversary to Justin and Jo. The traditional gift for the 11th anniversary is steel, I suppose because it is virtually resistant to corrosion and damage. If you have made it through 11 years of marriage, you are probably in it for the long run, thus resistant to damage just like steel. This past year has certainly shown that Justin and Jo are both resistant and resilient. May their relationship stay as strong for all the years to come.

I have to comment on the weather. Today was really depressing. Our April weather feels more like March weather. We certainly had March winds today and it was overcast, foggy, and rainy the entire day. Yuck! Jane Woodin stopped by just to say hello this morning which was a pleasant part of an otherwise depressing day. After she left, I drove around town looking at homes in my price range. That was really depressing, and sometimes so absurd it was funny. Near the end of my little tour, I drove by a house on the edge of a golf course. There were no other homes around, except for one right next to the one I was looking at. It was very tiny and right next to it was this two-story behemoth of a home, and then just manicured golf course all around. Really funny looking. I found neighborhoods in Falmouth I never knew existed. One home had burned down, some had neighbors with huge work trucks in the drive-ways, and others had neighbors with so many cars and so much junk scattered about that I was sure I wouldn’t want to live there, no matter how nice the house. Then there was the one that was hidden behind other homes and was surrounded on all four sides with 6-foot wooden fence. I thought I was in a fort. The bottom line is that there is nothing desirable in a price range comparable to the little home I have been considering. Tomorrow I drive off-Cape to meet the woman who owns that little house. Because I am a friend of her niece, she had agreed to think about selling to me, dependent on how our meeting goes. What I hope to find out is whether or not she might rent, rather than sell. She is 93 and no longer sails, but she did sail for much of her life. So, we have that in common. Hopefully the meeting will go well. On Friday, I will drive around and look at few homes that are in the next financial bracket and if there are any that I want to look at, I have a realtor lined up for Saturday morning. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have a better idea of my options. And if there are no options, I will stay here for another year and continue looking for the ‘just right’, affordable place to live.

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