2018 Life Logs, Day 8—Very Special Christmas Surprise
Date: Monday, January 8, 2018
Weather: High 42, Low 31 degrees F
Location: Back Home at The Studio, Falmouth, MA

The trip home from Tennessee was thankfully uneventful. My niece Janet picked me up at 7 am this morning and I got home at 5 pm. The flight took only two and a half hours, but the bus and car trip home takes longer than the flight. I was very happy that after sitting in the cold for two weeks, the car started right up. I stopped by the Goldstones to say hello, went to the grocery store, and by the time I got home it was 5 pm. Thankfully everything here was fine. My grill on the deck had ‘danced’ 30 feet across the deck and was headed for the gate. I guess it was trying to make a get away! The wind here must have been hurricane force to move that grill. But everything else was fine. So that is good.

While I was gone, I had the post office hold my mail and deliver it today. A neighbor picked it up for me, and when I got it this evening, there was a very special Christmas surprise. Justin told me they were sending a package that I wouldn’t get until after Christmas, so I am assuming it is from them. It is the photo of Mark that we chose for his obituary that has been digitized and copied onto wooden panels. It is about 16 x 16 and looks like a painting. I hadn’t planned to turn on the Christmas lights, but when I saw the picture, I turned on the Christmas tree lights and put the picture under the tree. It is really beautiful and Mark and I spent a lovely evening together.

I had a great phone conversation with Heather tonight, catching up on all the happenings here. And then I talked to Ed and Lynne Kirwin. They are staying in Florida until the first of February and are really enjoying the warmer weather there. They sent a sunset photo from Chagos this afternoon and I want to share that here. It is spectacular.

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