2018 Life Logs, Day 7—A ‘Hunt and Kill’ Kind of Day
Date: Sunday, January 7, 2018
Weather: Overcast and Warmer; High 41, Low 34 degrees F
Location: At Home with Patsy and Joe in Mt. Juliet, TN

Mark always used to laugh about my shopping habits. He called it the ‘hunt and kill’ approach versus those who graze. Window shopping has never been my thing. Over the two weeks here, Patsy has mentioned a few things that would make some of her projects easier—better lighting in the den and more shelving for photo albums and boxes were at the top of her list. I measured and researched online and found nothing locally that would fill the size requirements for the photo album storage. So this morning I suggested we go shopping and she jumped at the chance. Furniture stores are closed here on Sunday, but the Goodwill Store in a neighboring community was open. We started there and hit pay dirt. I had already been to the Goodwill store in Mt. Juliet, to Home Depot, Lowe’s, Office Depot, and a couple of furniture warehouses and found nothing. The little furniture area at the Goodwill had only 5 items, but two of them were small book cases that were exactly the right size. One was $10 and the other was $15 and they were in excellent shape—right size, right color of wood, right price. So we bought both and Patsy was elated. We shopped at the Big Lots store next to Goodwill and found some other treasures, and then went to Home Depot and found the just right lamp for the den. Patsy now has her corner of the den (computer room) well lit with her photo album projects neatly stored on and inside the book cabinet we bought. While in Home Depot she spotted some 55-gallon plastic storage containers that were the perfect size for her Christmas tree. We could only fit one in the car, but I went back this evening and bought another. Now she can get rid of all the cardboard boxes in the garage. That made her doubly happy. And making her happy made me happy. So this was a win-win day. We celebrated by going out to Asian Fusion for dinner. Janet picks me up at 7 am to head to the airport. If all goes well I will be in Boston by 12:30 and home on the Cape by the time the Goldpebbles get out of school. I will stop by to say Happy New Year in person and then head home. Of course, if my car is frozen in place, the timing might be delayed, but one way or another I will be home by tomorrow evening.

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