2018 Life Logs, Day 6—A Visit to the Parthenon
Date: Saturday, January 6, 2018
Weather: No Change—Sunny and Cold; High 29, Low 13 degrees F
Location: At Home with Patsy and Joe in Mt. Juliet, TN

Hard to believe I have only one more day here before I fly back to the frozen north country. But it has also been ‘freezy’ here as I was reminded this morning when I drove out and noticed the frozen flows of ice where there was flowing water when I got here. Tomorrow the Mt. Juliet high will be in the 40’s for the first time since I arrived. That will seem warm, but I am reminded that it is not when I see news reports of iguanas falling out of the trees in Florida because they are literally ‘frozen’ when the temp reached 45 degrees. The iguanas are probably not dead and will come back to life when the temp warms up a bit, but that has to be one scary sight to witness.

Monica came over this morning to install a back-of-cupboard door spice race I ordered on Amazon for Patsy and Joe, I went shopping for some needed items from Lowe’s, and then I went to pick up Janet and Monica to take them to downtown Nashville for a University of Tennessee Titan’s football party. The Titans were not playing her today, but they would enjoy a pregame party with free drinks and food and then watch the game in a sports bar atmosphere at the George Jones Bar. Joe watched that game from the comfort of the livingroom and Patsy and I joined him for the past few minutes. Tennessee was behind by 21 points and then somehow pulled this one out, winning 22 to 21. After dropping off Janet and Monica, I went to visit Nashville’s Parthenon. This is the only full-sized replica of the Greek Parthenon in the entire world. I had seen it before, but had never toured the museum inside. I got to see the larger than life Athena, the largest bronze doors in the world, and finally, I learned why there is such a structure in Nashville! It was built in the late 1800’s as part of the Centennial Expo celebrating the 100th birthday of Tennessee. It was a huge affair covering all of what is now known as Centennial Park across from the Vanderbilt University campus. Many temporary buildings modeled after famous places around the world were built for this expo and the Parthenon was such a hit that it was reconstructed of lasting materials to remain as the heart of today’s Centennial Park. I then ‘shopped’ my way home as Janet and Monica were going to hitch a ride with Uber after the game.

My day started with a text from Jane Woodin. She and Bruce were in the Sagamore Park and Ride where I left my car. They sent a photo of the conditions there to let me know that they think I should have no problem getting my car out on my return on Monday. From the looks of the photo, I think they are right, but we shall see.

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