2018 Life Logs, Day 54—Farewell Lulu
Date: Friday, February 23, 2018
Weather: Wintry Mix Overnight, Partly Sunny AM, Cloudy PM; High 45, Low 37 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

My morning check-in on my phone led me to a Facebook post that brought sad news. Justin and Jo fully include their pets as members of their family and one of those pets is no longer with us. Justin came home after dark last night and ran over Lulu, Jo’s faithful dog. Thankfully Lulu was dead instantly, but that doesn’t erase the sadness. Lulu has been Jo’s companion for eleven years since she rescued her from an abusive situation. It took a while for Jo to gain Lulu’s total trust, but since then, they have been inseparable. When Justin and Jo moved from New Mexico to Puerto Rico, Lulu and Alfie, their two dogs, were flown to Puerto Rico with them. I know Justin must feel terrible, but he assured me that he and Jo and kids are all okay. I am sending love to Justin and the kids, but especially to Jo, who loved that dog so much. Farewell Lulu.

Although there was a little sun today, it was still most cloudy. But that is better than overcast and foggy, so I’ll take it. I started my day by heading to Heather’s to feed the guinea pigs and stopped at the AT&T store on the way home to deal with some of my phone issues. That was frustrating. A very nice woman was able to get my contacts transferred correctly, I thought, but when I got home I again discovered missing people. I will just have to rebuild the contact list. The woman couldn’t figure out why I can’t answer phone calls. I think I have discovered that if the call if from someone with an AT&T phone, I can answer, but when anyone else calls, I just can’t accept. When Heather and Jed get home, we will experiment as they are not with AT&T. If my suspicion is correct, I will go back to AT&T and hope they can figure this out. So, the phone saga continues. Then I headed home and had a nice day doing the things everybody does like cooking and cleaning, and I added watching a couple of health-related programs. Then this evening I went to a mandolin concert. I read about this concert earlier in the week and it peeked my interest as I love the mandolin. A local mandolin ensemble group called l’Esperance with the visiting New York Mandolin Ensemble played tonight at the Falmouth Congregational Church in downtown Falmouth. The local group has 22 members and the New York group has 8. The visitors played first, then the locals, and then they combined. I never knew there were so many different types of mandolins. The program stated that the musical selections ranged from celtic, folk, jazz, “downtown” (whatever that is), and classical and some of the pieces were written by the performers. As with any concert, there were some pieces that I loved and others that I just found interesting. It was a three-hour long concert which was a bit long, but I am so glad I went. I sat with good friends, Terry and Olivia White, so it was a plus to get to see them. And the proceeds from the concert go to the Falmouth Service Center’s project to bring fresh food to those in need which was another plus. No Olympics for me tonight, but a most enjoyable evening.

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