2018 Life Logs, Day 53—Off-task and Happy
Date: Thursday, February 22, 2018
Weather: Overcast with Rain and Fog; High 53, Low 31 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

It was yet another overcast, dreary day with a little rain and a little fog. I went to the gym for a class and it was a tough one. It was an hour-long upper and lower body workout with weights. When I started going to the gym I could barely use 2-pound weights and certainly not for a full hour. Then I worked up to 3-pound weights and now 4. Some people use 5-pounds, but I would not have made it through this morning’s class with 5’s. Maybe I’ll get there by this time next year. After class, I went to Heather’s to feed the guinea pigs. Then I came home to start checking tasks off the list I made earlier in the week, but in typical style, I immediately got side-tracked. I made the mistake of checking my email and there was a link to a couple of short videos on how to maximize your vegetable garden output. Well, I couldn’t resist watching and that took a big chunk of my day. Actually, two of the things on my ‘to do’ list are garden related, so I guess I wasn’t totally off-task. But I was happy. I will help Heather with her garden this season and I am planning to do some deck gardening here, so the videos on how to get the best yield in a small space were perfect.

Next, I had a battle with my phone. I simply can’t accept phone calls and this afternoon I couldn’t call out. AT&T swears it was not my phone but that it was the number I was calling that wouldn’t accept calls. I had called them earlier and gotten voice mail, so I don’t know what changed. Whatever, it was frustrating, and I had to abandon the task that involved the phone call and go on to other things. I did some cooking and watched another episode of an online series about autoimmune diseases. One thing that was pointed out is how much all of the wireless devices in our lives is producing intense electromagnetic fields in our homes. The natural world and even our bodies produce EMFs but they are low intensity. There is mounting evidence that the wireless world we love could be causing all sorts of health issues. Just carrying your cell phone in your back pocket, as I do, is really not a good idea. All of this is something I have given too much thought to, but in today’s program one physician was recommending that you put your router on a timer so it is off overnight and go back to being hard-wired with your computer connection and even your mouse. We all love the ease of movement that wireless affords, but we have to weigh that against evidence about how it is affecting our health and adjust accordingly. I’ll certainly be paying closer attention to this from now on. Before I turned on the Olympics for the evening, I saw on Facebook that Windbird had an adventure during the night. Sam said he woke up to Windbird bumping against something. When he got to the cockpit he saw it was another boat Windbird was rubbing against, but the most disconcerting thing was that he didn’t recognize where he was. Windbird had broken away from her mooring and drifted about a third of mile during the night. Luckily, there was no real damage. There’s always an adventure when aboard a sailboat!

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