2018 Life Logs, Day 333: Leather Britches
Date: Thursday, November 29, 2018
Weather: Sunny Day; High 48, Low 31 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Just now I was catching up on Facebook notices. Once of them was a notice from a site called ‘All of Us West Virginians.’ Someone was inquiring about green beans. She said, “During early 1950’s I helped my grandmother string beans. She hung them on the back porch to dry. I’m curious about the type of beans……don’t remember eating them.” Well, I do remember eating them, but what caught my attention were the comments to that post. One person responded saying the beans were probably leather britches. Well, leather britches are the result of drying any beans to preserve them. The beans were probably half-runners . . . by far the best tasting green bean there is, in my opinion. When you pick them at the peak of freshness, snip off the stem end, string and hang them, they become dried beans referred to as leather britches. I’m sure you probably don’t need that little bit of info, but I thought I would share anyway!

Today was more of the same—going to a class at the gym, raking and bagging leaves, picking up grandkids afterschool and staying until Jed got home, coming home to watch a couple of different health-related docu-series that are running for free right now. There was one bright point in the afternoon when Karen and Peter Baranowski stopped by to say hello. Always great to visit with friends. So that was it for my day. Tomorrow is house cleaning day and rearranging furniture to get ready for the Christmas tree.

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