2018 Life Logs, Day 313: Concord to Rye, New Hampshire
Date: Friday, November 9, 2018
Weather: Mostly Cloudy, Rain Tonight; High 41, Low 31 degrees F
Location: At Home with Leslie and Rich Kole, Rye, NH

What a wonderful day. I started out with breakfast with Alan and Helaine Kanegsberg in Bow, New Hampshire. Then I drove a couple of miles into Concord to New Hampshire Public Radio. When Mark and I moved to New Hampshire for him to take the job of General Manager of the local Concord public radio station, it was just that. When Mark arrived, he started expanding the local station by adding repeater stations throughout the state. The station was moved from a tiny facility to what seemed like a luxurious space and by the time Mark left in 2005, the now statewide network was poised to move into a much larger facility. Mark had visited the new space, but I never had. So today was my day. I had a first class tour of the station and then had lunch with the young woman who had given me the tour, the acting NHPR manager, and a friend of many years, Laura Knoy. Mark recruited Laura to come to New Hampshire from her position in public radio in Washington, DC. Laura is one of three employees from Mark’s era that are still at NHPR and it was wonderful to have time to catch up. The current New Hampshire Public Radio facility is first class. Mark would be so proud.

After lunch, I headed across the state to the New Hampshire coast to Rye to visit with a friend from my teaching days in Concord. Leslie Kole, and her husband Rich, are good friends and I had a lovely late afternoon and evening with them. Leslie and I went to visit with her daughter Jessica, her husband Tom, and their two children, Luke and Piper. I hadn’t seen Jess since her early college days, so it was delightful to see her again and meet her husband Tom, three year-old son Luke, and almost one year-old daughter Piper. The kids are adorable and Piper actually took her first steps tonight. Very exciting! And wo..nderful so see how much Leslie enjoys being a Grammie.

When we returned home, Rich was preparing dinner for us. He was in the process of making homemade pasta. So delicious when combined with steamed clams and a fabulous salad. Tomorrow afternoon I travel to Wayland, Massachusetts where I make a presentation to the Wayland Sailing Association tomorrow evening. The show goes on.

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