2018 Life Logs, Day 310—Mid-Term Election Day
Date: Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Weather: Overcast with a Little Drizzle; High 64, Low 51 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

I am giving myself a pass tonight on doing anything but sitting and watching/listening to the election returns. I do not remember being this interested in a mid-term election ever. But since I feel like what we stand for as Americans is on the ballot, high interest doesn’t quite express what I am feeling. I have the television on and I have WCAI Live on my computer. Tiny WCAI, owned and operated by huge WGBH in Boston, is the public radio station where Heather works. Everyone that works there is on election duty tonight. Heather is in Hyannis reporting on local returns, so I watch the TV and then run over to the computer at the times Heather gave me when the local reporters will be on the air. It is going to be a long night as there are so many races that are so close. But at the very least, I am hoping to wake up in the morning to find that the Democrats have taken back the House. That should, at the very least, restore some checks and balances in Washington. And I am really hoping that Beto O’Rourke wins over Ted Cruz in the Texas Senate race. Beto’s fresh, honest, civil approach to politics gives me hope. And, as I see it, what we need in this country right now is hope, honesty, and civility.

I had an appointment with my orthopedic doctor’s assistant and didn’t find out anything new. He is pleased with the progress and thinks that in a week I can resume exercise classes at the gym. For now, he just recommended normal activity and riding a bike when possible. Since I will be traveling from Thursday to Sunday, I don’t think bike riding is going to happen, so normal activity is going to have to do. I talked to Justin and he is still on hold. He will not be released from the hospital until the results of the biopsy come in, hopefully tomorrow. He is really anxious to get home, so hopefully that will happen tomorrow or Thursday at the latest.

I’m headed back to election coverage. Sure hope I don’t have to end my day crying in my beer!

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