2018 Life Logs, Day 302—Wild Weather
Date: Monday, October 29, 2018
Weather: Surprise AM Storm, Then Sunshine; High 59, Low 40 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

I checked the weather last night and saw that today should be partly sunny with a slight chance of rain in the early afternoon. So, I headed to my pilates class at the gym this morning without my raincoat. As we were exercising, I looked out the windows and saw that it was literally pouring rain torrential style. We kept exercising and the rain subsided a bit. Whew! I might be able to get home without getting drenched. Then the gym manager came in to tell us that there was a tornado watch in effect. What? Where did that come from? She said Woods Hole had reported a water spout and winds of 65 miles per hour and that Falmouth was under the watch. But the radar showed that the cyclonic winds were further to the west following the Buzzards Bay coastline from Quissett Harbor to North Falmouth. She told us she would keep us posted. Nervously, we continued exercising, especially since the room we were in was all glass on one side. But the young woman returned, saying that downtown Falmouth had been cleared and was no longer in danger. We finished our class and afterwards I went into a different room to use the exercise bike while I watched the minute by minute weather coverage. When I was sure it was safe for me to head home, I did. And when I got to the car and checked my phone, I saw that Heather had texted to say she had been in her basement for the past hour. She was driving to Boston today, returning tomorrow evening, but she wasn’t going anywhere until the all clear was sounded. She had heard from the schools and found out that Ollie and Jonah and all of the East Falmouth students had been in the school basement for the past hour and Sam’s school, evidently not having a basement, had all been gathered in a lower floor hallway. Wild weather!

I spent the rest of my day doing a little house cleaning, working to clear dead plants from my raised garden beds, and mostly sitting at the dining room table catching up on correspondence, completing a template for a December field trip to the Rhode Island School of Design for the Newcomers Teacher Group, and completing the writing of my presentation for the Wayland Sailing Association. I will finish adding the photos to the Power Point presentation tomorrow and hopefully have that project completed. While sitting at the dining table today, I kept watching the aquarium for signs of the baby fish the Goldpebbles discovered last night. Ollie and I bought two Platys three weeks ago and evidently one them had babies. Platys have live babies and at least one baby has survived because we saw it last night. So tiny and so cute. I doubt that it will make it, but it has certainly given survival a run for its money to date. My friend Karen Baranowski was visiting two weeks ago and said she saw a baby fish. I didn’t see it then and I didn’t see it today, but I did see it last night. I’m hoping it is still there, just hiding until it gets big enough to fend for itself.

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