2018 Life Logs, Day 258—Soccer and A Trip to Martha’s Vineyard
Date: Saturday, September 15, 2018
Weather: Sunny; 75, Low 60 F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

It is fall soccer season and this fall we have three boys playing on different teams at different times and in different places. Today Jonah had a game about 45 minutes from here in Dennis at 12:15. Sam had a game in Barnstable which is Hyannis at 2:30 and Ollie, with Jed as coach, had a practice at 1:30 here in Falmouth. There was no way Heather and Jed could cover all three games, so I offered to help out. Heather drove Jonah and Marco, another team member, to Dennis for their pre-game practice and I met her there for the game. I was about five minutes late and that was two minutes too late to see Jonah make the first goal of the game. But is always a delight to watch him play whether or not he gets a goal. And I love that he is still playing on the same team with his good friend Luke from preschool . . . many years of friendship. Jonah’s team won today and many members of the team celebrated their win on the school playground adjacent to the soccer field. I then I drove Jonah and Marco home while Heather drove to Barnstable to watch Sam’s game. Thankfully Sam had hitched a ride to the game with a friend. Soon after I got home with Jonah, Jed got home with Ollie after his first-ever successful soccer practice. He has signed up for soccer for the past two years, but at the last minute, he has backed out. He said he would play this year if Jed would be his coach and that worked. We made it through the soccer games and then it was time to get on the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard. We had all been invited to a birthday celebration for Brian Keefe, Heather and Jed’s neighbor. Brian is celebrating his 40th and good friends who lease one of the gingerbread houses in Oaks Bluff on the Vineyard let Brian and Melissa use their home for the weekend of festivities. Jed, Jonah, Ollie and I took the 3:45 pm ferry and then Heather and Sam joined us later, taking the 5:00 pm ferry. It was a day of crazy scheduling, but we all enjoyed the craziness. Brian spent most of the evening tending the grill, but that is one of the things he loves to do. Someone gave him a huge rib eye steak, and I mean huge, as a present and when he put that on the grill, I thought he was going to burn down the entire neighborhood of gingerbread houses. Thankfully he quickly got that under control. Attending a birthday party in “Gingerbread Town”, as Ollie calls the section of Oaks Bluff with the very cute gingerbread houses, was a real treat. We reluctantly left on the 8:30 pm ferry to head home wishing a very happy birthday to Brian. When we were in line at the ferry, a young woman saw that Jonah was carrying a soccer ball and she came over and invited the boys to kick the ball around with her and her companion. Everyone waiting in line watched the competition between the five of them. And when a ball got away from them, people in line joined in by kicking it back. Great fun!

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